Bread and Milk: Beat the rush with your ebike.

Since the dawn of man, humans have had basic inescapable needs.  When difficulty is at the doorstep, we go into doomsday prep like the zombie apocalypse is upon us.  Whether it’s a hurricane, typhoon, polar vortex, haboob, tornado, monsoon, thunderheads on the horizon, or an incoming blizzard, humans all do the same thing:

Send someone to the store to replenish the bread and milk.

I’ve had the great pleasure of living in and visiting multiple cultures around the globe. It may be known by different names in foreign tongues, but humans are human everywhere.  We all have food basics we want/need to survive the storm, be it tea and crumpets, rice cakes and steamed buns (baozi), or sweet tea and cornbread.

We’ve all felt the pinch of the oncoming logistics nightmare of going to the store to receive our ration of our favorite staple items, or maybe you just have an itch for something you didn’t pick up at the store last visit.

As Mr. Money Mustache has already pointed out the efficiencies of living near your work and food options, I won’t dive down that road.  However, I will point out some of the really useful benefits of riding your ebike to reduce most of the logjam that happens during the rush.

If you’ve ever wanted a peek at how humanity will unravel itself, look no further than a pre-storm store rush to the store as people try to hunt for parking.  Most cultures have yet to figure out an organized and efficient system of getting people in and out of a store parking lot. 

Lets look at this with an e-bike rider lens: 

You zip (this is the official term for how ebikes are to be ridden) past the line of traffic waiting to get into the parking lot.  You pull up next to the door, or into the designated bike parking area, which is usually much closer than any parking space. You get your bread and milk and return to your ebike and load your goods on your chosen cargo carrying mechanism (I use either my rear rack or bring the kiddo hauler for a bunch of groceries), load up, and start zipping home.  You’ve spent 15 minutes on the total trip by the time you pull up to your home, saving at least 10 minutes total trip than if you took your car.


Life is good.  To ebike is to life, faster.



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